Upper School at Woodstock Trinity School, a Private Independent Elementary School in Innerkip Ontario Canada.

Welcome to Upper School

Grades 7 & 8

Our program for students in Grades 7 and 8, addresses the unique individual needs, talents and passions of the adolescent learner. Student self-management, critical thinking, creative expression, organizational skills and ethical decision-making are integrated into a challenging, yet supportive program. Leadership opportunities are abundant in TOS's upper school daily activities as they take on individually directed projects within and outside of the school. Initiative and creativity is nurtured in each student as they engage in project based learning within the Ministry curriculum course expectations. An emphasis will be placed on STEM initiatives designed to inspire intellectual development required to be successful in the rapidly changing world that lies ahead. The students in this program experience the benefits of a rich senior school life developing essential character traits of accountability, and independence while preparing for high school study. A reach ahead program allows grade 8 students to enroll in secondary schools with confidence in addition to earning an early credit. Students are encouraged to embrace and understand the values of respect for all communities and responsibility for their own learning.