Head of School Welcome

The Oxford School has been an outstanding educational leader in Woodstock, since it was established in 1999 by Sandra Hurley. She has grown and nurtured TOS into a special place of learning for the past 19 years. It’s rich culture and strong community character has been the foundation of motivation for many successful and engaged graduates. 

From its beginnings at the Armouries building in Woodstock to the location in Innerkip, the children have experienced a consistent culture of happiness. They have developed a strong sense of self confidence in a safe and enriched learning environment. Additionally, they have collected an unforgettable treasure of experiences, in which TOS believes every student deserves to get from their formative years of elementary school.

The head of school at Woodstock Trinity School, a Private Independent Elementary School in Innerkip Ontario Canada.
As we work together to empower our children and build their self-confidence, we will create happy and willing learners. We are excited to share our upcoming programming enhancements and our brand new facility which will contribute to our culture of happy learning!
— George Friesen

Under the same vision and values of the recently retired founder, Sandra Hurley, we are excited to undertake an adventure of renewed inspiration for your child’s love of learning and sense of belonging as we change ownership and location of The Oxford School. Our talented team of teachers and committed staff look forward to carrying on in the tradition of TOS’s past successes. Together with the trust of you as parents, the staff are committed to providing safe and enriched learning experiences as always, but also pledge to discover your child’s potential and prepare them for success in a rapidly changing world.

We believe strongly in the history of TOS tradition. We are dedicated to full accountability and are committed to maintaining a high level of excellence as an educational leader in Oxford County.  

The Oxford School warmly invites you to come and see for yourself.  We look forward to your visit!


George Friesen
Head of School