Many of our graduates have gone on to be very successful in high-school, university and have done great things in their careers as adults. 
Please read what former The Oxford School graduates have to say about their experiences. 

To say my years at TOS were wonderful is an understatement. From a shy child ambiguous about this thing called “school” to a young, ambitious grown up ready to take on the world, I was met everyday with a family and second home at The Oxford School. The caring, kind environment allowed me to thrive and become a better person each and every day. Not only did this teach me humane morals, but also to strive for success and to treat each and every person as I would want myself to be treated. The constant strive for academic greatness prepared me for high school and beyond. I will never forget and am forever grateful for the warm, loving and caring environment that is The Oxford School.
— Ardena Basic

I came to TOS in the sixth grade. The Oxford School has been a life changer and life saver. TOS was an awesome experience for me, before I came to The Oxford School I was always teased and picked on, but when I came here everybody was nice and treated me like family. I will be moving to College Avenue Secondary School for the next section of my education. I will really miss TOS and I hope everyone else has as good of an experience as I have had.
— Jacob Riach

My first time coming to The Oxford School, I was afraid of being disliked for being so far behind everyone academically. I was greatly surprised when I felt so much respect and kindness from all the students and I always felt accepted despite everyone being so different and diverse.
I look back and just think about how much of a different person I would have been if I didn’t go to this school. TOS not only helped me improve my education, but also helped me develop manners and other moral traits.
I thank and cherish The Oxford School to this day because of its kind, loyal and loving teachers and students who taught me to work hard to achieve success in life. I will never forget this school and the amazing impact it had on my life!
— Josh Chard

I think The Oxford School has played a big role in my education, and how actively I am involved in my post secondary school life. I was a TOS graduate in 2013 and I am now at Wilfrid Laurier University pursuing an Honours Arts Degree in Psychology, with plans for grad school after I graduate.
Even the simplest thing, like getting dressed into my uniform everyday, made me feel pride in my school and proud of being a student there. As I passed though my grades at The Oxford School, I was given a sense of leadership and responsibility with each grade that I think I would not have had at any other school. My favorites would had to be reading buddies, being the ‘crossing guards’, and participating in Friday Tea were all experiences that were unique to TOS.
The Oxford School gave me the push and drive that I needed in order to always challenge myself to see what I could accomplish, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance of my teachers, my principal (Ms. Hurley) and my parents.
— Jessica Taylor
Our children have attended The Oxford School for the past 3 years and during this time we have consistently been impressed with the sense of community that exists not only with other families at the school but with teachers as well. Everyone is friendly and welcoming at The Oxford School. We recall how remarkable it felt to walk down the halls and be greeted with a warm good morning or hello from virtually everyone we would meet, including the students. This confidence and friendliness we encounter is one of our favourite elements of TOS.
The curriculum taught at The Oxford School focuses not solely on academics but permeates into every element of life, teaching our children not only to value education but also to be honest, kind and display integrity in their community on a daily basis.
Finally, the educators at TOS are extremely dedicated, creative and caring. There are frequent opportunities to engage with the teachers and stay informed about the progress of the class and upcoming events. It has been a pleasure to work with teachers who have taken a genuine interest in the development of our children and we look forward to doing so for many years to come.
— Caldwell family