TOS House System

Designed to foster a sense of camaraderie, encourage healthy competition, develop school spirit and reward positive student actions. Teams will elect a Grade 8 House Captain, a Grade 7 House Treasurer and a Grade 6 Assistant Captain to lead each team, with the guidance of staff advisors.

TOS will assign each new student to a House at the beginning of the school year, and they will remain with that house throughout their years at The Oxford School. The House system encourages students of all grades and skill levels to work together as a community. House activities will provide an opportunity for every grade to participate in completing tasks or challenges. The younger students will build a new found confidence and have the chance to learn from the older students. The upper grades will learn responsibility and leadership skills as they act as role models for the lower grades.  

Each House and student will have the opportunity to accumulate points throughout the year based on student participation in challenges and in all aspects of student life — not just in the area of athletics. The House that accumulates the most points by the end of the year receives the "Oxford Wild Cup" in a school-wide awards assembly.  All houses will celebrate as one community at year’s end to recognize exceptional students and role models along with the successes of each House.


The Oxford School Houses

House names were selected to represent notable Canadians, both male and female, who have helped put Canada on the world map. Each person serves as a role model for our students and represents positive change, incredible work ethic and meaningful contributions to our Canadian culture. Each icon represents a different area of study; arts & creative writing, athletics & sportsmanship, mathematics & technology, science & biology. 
To accompany the house names, each house is also identifiable through it’s team colour, and Canadian team mascot.


Suzuki House

CANADIAN ICON: David Suzuki 

DID YOU KNOW... David Suzuki:

  • Is a Canadian Academic, Science Broadcaster and Environmental Activist

  • Has a Ph.D. in Zoology

  • Ran the Genetics Department at the University of British Columbia

  • Is an Environmental Activist working to reverse global climate change

  • Co-founded the "David Suzuki Foundation". This foundations' priorities involve oceans and sustainable fishing, climate change and clean energy

  • Suzuki’s foundation has worked to protect the Canadian grizzly bear population

  • Is the creator of The David Suzuki Foundation challenge; the challenge to spend 30 minutes a day in nature for 30 days to kick-start a nature habit that lasts all year-round

We have much to learn by studying nature and taking the time to tease out its secrets.
— David Suzuki

HOUSE MASCOT: Canadian Grizzly Bear

DID YOU KNOW... The bear symbolizes strength and resilience. Inspires courage to stand up against adversity; taking action and leadership. A powerful guide to support physical and emotional healing. 



HOUSE THEME: Environment, Science, Biology 


Hadfield House

CANADIAN ICON: Col. Chris Hadfield

DID YOU KNOW... Col. Chris Hadfield:

  • Is a Retired Canadian Astronaut, and former Royal Canadian Air Force Fighter Pilot

  • Is the first Canadian to walk in space

  • Is the recipient of numerous awards: Order of Ontario, the Order of Canada, recipient of the Vanier Award, NASA Exceptional Service Medal, the Queen's Golden and Diamond Jubilee Medals.

  • Is the only Canadian to have received both a military and civilian Meritorious Service Cross

  • Is a Professor of aviation at the University of Waterloo

  • Is the Author of two national best selling books “You Are Here” and “An Astronauts’s Guide To Life On Earth”

  • Is the Author of a children’s book “The Darkest Dark”

  • Has made such a significant global impression that Lego has made a custom mini figure in his likeness

Decide  in your heart of hearts what really excites and challenges you, and start moving your life in that direction.
— Chris Hadfield

HOUSE MASCOT: Canadian Snowy Owl

DID YOU KNOW... The owl is synonymous with the gift of higher knowledge and insight. They are also a symbol for wisdom, because owls can see that which others cannot. The owl totem has a special connection with the night, the moon and starry skies.



HOUSE THEME: Mathematics, Technology, Physics


Wickenheiser House

CANADIAN ICON: Hayley Wickenheiser

DID YOU KNOW... Hayley Wickenheiser:

  • Represented Canada at the Winter Olympics five times, capturing four gold and one silver medal, and twice being named tournament MVP

  • Is tied with teammates Caroline Ouellette and Jayna Hefford for the record for the most gold medals of any Canadian Olympian

  • On record she is the greatest player in the history of women’s hockey

  • Is the first woman to play full-time professional hockey in a position other than goalie

  • Was a member of the Canada Women's National Ice Hockey Team for 23 years, and is the team's career points leader with 168 goals and 211 assists in 276 games

  • Graduated with a degree in Kinesiology and is now attending medical school at the University of Calgary

  • Has recently accepted a position as the Assistant Director of Player Development for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Many times I had to dig deep and perform. All of that adversity helped me and drove me to want to be the best. People would say, ‘Girls don’t play hockey. Girls don’t skate.’ I would say, ‘Watch this.’
— Hayley Wickenheiser

HOUSE MASCOT:  Arctic Beluga Whale

DID YOU KNOW... The beluga whale is regarded as the keeper of history, a wisdom holder and a symbol for peaceful strength. Whales represent communication, listening to your inner voice, and following your own truth. Great importance is placed on family, teamwork and community.



HOUSE THEME: Athleticism, Teamwork, Sportsmanship


Carr House


DID YOU KNOW... Emily Carr:

  • Was a Canadian Modernist and Post-Impressionist artist and painter

  • Was a writer and author

  • Drew her inspiration from the Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast

  • Was a member of The Group of Seven, Canada's leading modernist painters

  • Over the course of her career the subject matter of her painting shifted from aboriginal themes to landscapes—forest scenes in particular, for which she became most well known

  • Her writing she was Awarded the Governor-General's Award for non-fiction

  • Holds the record for highest price paid for a painting by a Canadian female artist "The Crazy Stair“

  • The Canada Post issued a 6¢ stamp and a 50¢ stamp depicting her paintings

There is something bigger than fact: the underlying spirit, all it stands for, the mood, the vastness, the wildness.
— Emily Carr


DID YOU KNOW... The red fox personifies intelligence. The fox is a teacher providing guidance around obstacles and tricky situations. Responsive, sharp and quick thinking, they have the ability to adapt. The fox is spirited and playful, full of energy.



HOUSE THEME: Arts, Creative Writing, Passion and Creativity