Extracurricular Activities


Students at TOS are able to exhibit leadership and stay involved through student-driven co-curricular activities. Activities for students include those that promote innovation, creativity, and healthy living.  Our extra-curricular activities involve proposing, acting, and reflecting on community involvement and activities.
Activities will vary each term based on faculty and student interest and expertise.

Creativity at Woodstock Trinity School, a Private Independent Elementary School in Innerkip Ontario Canada.


Creativity is interpreted broadly to include a wide range of arts activities as well as the creativity and critical thinking students demonstrate in designing and implementing service projects. Our senior students regularly take on many responsibilities during the school year to serve its student body, an example of one responsibility is presenting the Friday Tea session, designed to celebrate weekly accomplishments. Club days happen throughout the school year as well where creativity is encouraged. Students choose various activities to explore and engage their interests while utilizing critical thinking skills and extending themselves beyond their comfort zone. Some examples include: 

School Plays (acting, technical crew, staging crew, music)
STEM initiatives
Theme days
Studio Arts
Band (Instrumental)
Creative Writing Club

Community Service at Woodstock Trinity School, a Private Independent Elementary School in Innerkip Ontario Canada.

Community Service & Outreach

The Oxford School believes that involvement in community service is an important way to inspire children to be a voice in the world. Many in-school projects are often focused on the local community partnerships where young students can readily make connections.

Global awareness is also important and becomes the goal to which our elementary students aspire. School initiatives include food and clothing drives, partnerships with a local remembrance day activities, the Terry Fox Run, and other charitable fundraising and community involvement.

Local Food drives
Earth Week
Spring Clean-Up
Peer Tutoring
Book Fair


Field Trips at Woodstock Trinity School, a Private Independent Elementary School in Innerkip Ontario Canada.

Field Trips & Adventures

Some of our trips are educational/curriculum-based, and others are opportunity-based.  It gives the chance for the students to learn respectful behaviour at other facilities, as well as engage in fun and exciting experiences. Having small class sizes makes it easier to have unique “out of class” experiences to enhance the students learning.

As a school we have toured to local theatre K2K and Woodstock Little Theatre to enjoy theatrical shows. 
Field Trips will vary each term based on faculty and student interest and expertise.


EXAMPLES OF PAST Grade Specific Trips:



Butterfly Conservatory: Celebrate raising our own monarch butterflies in class

Pirate Ship: Search for letter X marking the spot of treasure

Greener Pastures Eco Farm: Finishes a unit on plants and growth

Police Officer Visit: Having a local police officer come talk and show the students “police gadgets”

Post Office: Finish off learning about letter writing and mailing off letters the students have written themselves

Fire Truck Visit: Local fire department visit with a fire truck, to teach about what it’s like to be a firefighter and fire safety. Students are also allowed to use the fire hose and walk through the fire truck.

Local Bakery: Learn step by step how to make pizza and cookies

Local Library: Visit and participate in programs 

Woodstock Historical Museum

Woodstock Art Gallery

Brantford Zoo: Search of letter Z for Zebra

Southside Park: End of year picnic and splash pad  

Optometrist Visit: Dr. Brant (optometrist) comes to the class and talk with us about healthy eyesight


Grades 1 - 4

Pen Pals: Grades 1 & 2 work on their writing skills through pen pal letter writing with the other schools in the area. At the end of the session if it fits in everyone’s timetable the students will get to meet their pen pals as well as visit each other at both of their schools.  

Doon Heritage Village: Celebrations and Traditions around the world program, located in Kitchener

Power Farms Homestead: Following the hatching chicks program in the Grade 2 classroom, the class then makes a trip to Power Farms Homestead to return the chicks after the hatching process is over.

Around the world food tasting: Parents/families are invited to a party in the Grade 2 classroom to taste food from different countries. All students will do research and are to bring in a traditional homemade dish from their country of choice.


Grades 5 & 6

Snyder's Family Farm

The Science Centre: Enhance various science units 

McMaster Altitude Course: Team building and exercise

The Toronto Zoo

Woodstock Curling club

Woodstock Meadows Golf Centre

Dancefest: Performances at St Mary’s High school


Grades 7 & 8

Stratford Festival: Studying plays that are performed at the Stratford festival and being able to go to Stratford to watch the play live.  

The Innkerkip Creek: Fishing trip

Canada's Wonderland: End of the year trip

Quebec: End of the year trip