A Message From Our Head of School

Term 1 has been completed. Our first book fair has begun this week.  Our boys and girls basketball teams league has started this Tuesday Feb 19th.  Our first ever house challenge “Winter Festival“ will be held on Friday Feb 22nd.  We have lots to look forward to as we approach March Break, including the spring weather I’m sure!

Reflecting on this school year, when I glance back at the calendar and past newsletters it is amazing the number of things that have happened already this term and last. So many successful events, activities, and enthusiastic learning taking place.

The students have come in through the doors daily with smiles on their faces and they are excited to see parents, grandparents, and guardians when the day ends.  Our assessment and evaluation reporting of the students’ progress has demonstrated some wonderful accomplishments during first term.  The music, art and drama programs have given great opportunities for students to experiment and engage in things they may not have tried before, building new levels of self-esteem for many.  The participation from students in our sports programs have excelled this year, especially the girls’ teams.  We are introducing badminton to the mix this year as well, thanks to the efforts and generosity of our staff and parent community for making this happen.

The traditions have continued with great success.  The skating day, potluck lunch, holiday celebrations and the ever-popular  ”S Hurley Friday Tea!” to name a few.  Celebrating new accomplishments and each other as a community continues to be a staple and strong focus of Woodstock Trinity School.  Our students will continue to learn through experiential activities like field trips and through our clubs program this winter. The newly formed PTA committee has been tremendous in aiding the daily functioning of many of these events and activities.  All PTA members and volunteers are much appreciated.

We have also enjoyed many of the new traditions introduced this year, including the house competitions and the Santa Claus Parades. Our facility’s appearance has enjoyed a much-needed upgrade with some new décor in the front lobby, new sports uniforms, and our lovely receptionist Yvonne Mallinson to invite families and guests in each day. 

Lastly, we are proud of the updated formatting of our documentation and report cards, coupled with new communication strategies.  Our website is beautiful and thorough. Parent email and the dojo app have helped to fill in any remaining communication gaps.  At WTS, we all appreciate our most effective and preferred, face to face daily communication. 

The staff and administration wish to thank you all for the smiles, snacks and good wishes during the “staff appreciation week”.  We enjoy being a daily part of the Woodstock Trinity School community and promise to work hard to build and maintain the value you and your children deserve from a top-notch educational institution.


George Friesen (Head of School)