End of Year Message


It has been a fabulous year of learning at Woodstock Trinity School. It is clear to me that our success comes from our strong traditions and culture, highly energetic staff, and our community who truly care about one another.  Together, we create a supportive and inspiring learning environment. Students enjoy our safe and caring school, developing their intellectual, emotional and social potential. We encourage our students to not only excel academically but to participate in the many different sporting, extracurricular and enrichment opportunities. Continuing with the “Hurley Tea” tradition this year has led many students to new levels of self-confidence, leadership and respect for those presenting. Our students are proud to be part of this Woodstock Trinity School tradition. Students who attend Woodstock Trinity School are hard-working and disciplined, respect others and value the environment that they live in. We promote inclusion and celebrate diversity.  

Congratulations to the Woodstock Trinity school graduating Class of 2019. You have been an active and vibrant class that will never be forgotten. Your many accomplishments, along with those of your teachers, your fellow students and the parents who support us all are the primary reasons that our school continues to improve.

We are excited about next year with our new building, new technology and other physical resources, but I believe the key ingredient of a good education is the hard work and commitment of the people who make up our community. You and your fellow students are eloquent testimony to the value of those efforts. A yearbook is a unique record of a year in a school and your testimony can be seen through the story of this wonderfully constructed edition.   

At this time of year, we will be saying farewell to a number of students and their families. We wish them good luck in high school and beyond as they endeavour to challenge themselves with new adventures. To the staff leaving, I would like to express my deep appreciation for your quality work. This year we sadly say farewell to our Art and Drama teacher Mrs Innes. Her personality, energy and passion for creating exciting and animated experiences for her students will be missed greatly. We wish Kate all the very best in her retirement years. I would also like to wish Mrs. Blonski and her growing family all the very best as she moves on to new adventures in retirement. Kathryn has been an invaluable help to our students and our staff over the years and we appreciate all she has done for Woodstock Trinity School.

Finally, I would like to thank not only all our staff, but also those people who gave so willingly of their time to make the school what it is as volunteers – our club leaders, our coaches, in school support parents and our wonderful PTA. Our school could not run without your contributions; your work does so much to make the school what it is. I do hope our readers enjoy and will continue to value this terrific yearbook publication in years to come. Many thanks to Adrienne Van Haeren and her team as well as our staff and parents for compiling such a memorable edition of photos and stories. To all of you who are leaving Woodstock Trinity School at the end of this academic year, we hope that you will stay in touch and always remain part this school community throughout your lives.


Mr. George Friesen
Head of School