Community Connection Nominations

We welcome all nominations and strive to create a diverse and balanced roster of applicants that accurately represents our school’s demographic. Our goal is to see that every parent has a voice on The Wild Community Connection and is given the chance to become actively involved in enriching the educational opportunities at our school. Nominations can be submitted by filling out the Wild Community Connection Nomination Form below. You may nominate as many candidates as you choose; however, you must use a separate form for each recommendation.

The Nominating Committee (including the Head of School, Teacher Representative(s) and past executive members) is now accepting nominations for this year’s Wild Community Connection. Executive members will be chosen by the committee from candidates who have submitted application forms and those who have been nominated. Applications for the 2019/2020 school year will be accepted until Friday, September 13th, 2019. The new executive members will be selected in September and introduced at the Welcome Back BBQ that takes place on Wednesday, September 18.

Wild Community Connection STRUCTURE

The WCC executive along with the help of a volunteer subcommittee will carry out their titled duties and lead the volunteers in the areas of community, communication, enrichment, social outreach and fundraising.

EXECUTIVE LEAD (1 position): This position is responsible for ensuring things continually move forward from the perspective of the WCC. They will oversee all happenings from the WCC's point of view. They will ensure all expectations are agreed upon at the beginning of the year so the WCC can implement their goals early and work to meet their objectives over the course of the school year.

SECRETARY TREASURER (1 position): This position is responsible for setting General Meeting agendas and taking meeting minutes (or finding a replacement to do so). They will also handle distributing meeting minutes and communication of events and all things WCC.  They will manage the WCC bank account and funds and create financial reports.

EVENT LEAD (1 position): This position will focus on planning and implementing various events throughout the school year that enrich our students and families school experience (e.g. November Pot Luck, Family Skating Party, Evening Parent Mixer etc.) and/ or recruiting volunteers to help.

SOCIAL LEAD (1 position): This position will focus on fostering the "family" atmosphere of the school. They will work to develop a way to welcome new families and students into the school. They will assist the Event Lead in implementing activities or events that fall under the "social" category (e.g. Family Skating Party, Evening Parent Mixer etc.)

FUNDRAISING LEAD (1 position): This position will focus on planning and implementing appropriate fundraisers and/or recruiting others to assist with this throughout the school year.

PAST EXECUTIVE MEMBER (1 position): This position will be held by the previous year WCC executive. They will be a "behind the scenes" role and not an active executive vote. They will assist the new executive where needed with guidance, advice and experience from the previous year. Involvement will likely decrease in the second half of the year as the new executive becomes more grounded in their roles.

VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE: This will be a subcommittee of individuals interested in being active volunteers in the areas of events, social planning or fundraising during the school year.  It will provide the executive with a list of contacts to reach out to throughout the school year when volunteers are needed.


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